At the annual Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center Christmas party, Virginians for Veterans presented Lonesome Dove with a $20,000 check.  “What a present.  This will help continue our mission of putting veterans on horseback and to upgrade the facility”, said Karen Ylimaki, secretary treasurer of Lonesome Dove.  

The next project on the list for upgrading the facility is new fencing.  The fence will help beautify the property and tie in with plans to start renting out the facility for meetings, weddings and other events starting in the spring to help the nonprofit become more self-sustaining.  Please visit to see more of the important work being done by Lonesome Dove.

I am a Special Operations Soldier in the U.S. Army, still active and have been for the last 28 years. My wife and I are raising three wonderful boys ages 6 and 4. Our twin 4 year olds are a true blessing with some very challenging special needs. They’re both on the Autism spectrum and have a variety of behavioral, speech and eating therapist they see daily. For over 2.5 years my wife and I have paid all the above and beyond cost associated with these issues out of our savings. In Oct of 2017 the twins were looking at a very expensive 2 month long in-patient eating therapy at UNC Wilmington and we had no real way of paying for it, we had exhausted our ability to pay as we go. A good friend directed me to V4V and with one phone call they instantly made my wife and I feel like there was help out there and we didn’t have to go at this fight alone. V4V drove all the way to UNCW, met my wife and boys personally and then covered ALL the out of pocket costs. The therapy was a huge success and my boys are eating great! We are extremely grateful for V4V and their timely help, the therapy finished two weeks before Christmas and I don’t know what we would have done without them. They’re great Americans and even better human beings…Thank you V4V!

Jim and family

Jim and Family

Because of Virginians for Veterans’ generous assistance, my son's treatment was a bigger success than we ever hoped for. Without your support, I don't know how the trip across the country for five weeks of treatment could have happened. Upon our return home, his therapists had to rewrite all of his developmental goals, as he met or exceeded every one while we were in San Diego receiving treatment!

Matt Duker

We are so thankful for the work that this organization does for veterans across the state!
When I was discharged from the USMC in 1968, there weren't any support groups for us at that time. I am so grateful for all Virginians for Veterans was able to do for me. With the help of Roddy Davoud and all his workers, the extensive repairs done under our home have let us relax and be able to enjoy our retirement years instead of stressing. They are a blessing to veterans!

- J D Barnette USMC